Introducing: Mamarazzi


Things have been pretty quiet around here since the birth of Charlie Beth. I didn't plan to cut back on blogging after she was born, but the baby snuggles got the best of me. Any extra moment I had went to soaking up time with my sweet girl. As the months past, I found that I really missed blogging. I missed having a space to come and write, I missed the connections and friendships I've made, and I missed the sense of community that blogging gave me. I tried to come back to this space several times, but more times than not I would just stare at a blank page unable to put words on this digital paper. I knew I needed a change, a fresh start.

About a month ago I began brainstorming ways I could make a comeback. I needed something that would give me the motivation to write again. With every fresh start comes a new name, a new brand. I knew if I could nail down a name that really encompassed this current season of life that I would be excited to blog again. About a week ago while walking Charlie Beth around the neighborhood and snapping pictures of her napping in her stroller the name hit me. Mamarazzi. I mean, it's basically my job title these days. ;) Just take a look at my Instagram and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.If you think that's bad, you should see my camera roll on my phone. It's nothing but endless amount of pictures of my baby. I am my child's personal paparazzo. That's also where I want to take the direction of this blog. No, I promise I won't overwhelm you with picture after picture of my daughter, but she is a big focus of my writing. I want this blog to stay lifestyle related with a big dose of "mommy blog."

Mamarazzi: Mothers who constantly follow their children around with cameras, snapping photos at every turn and document each milestone or event with at least two dozen photos and a video.

As you can tell, things still need a bit of tweaking around here. I was so excited to get back to it, however, I decided to go ahead and roll it out and work on the details later. I have to update my pages up top, but that will come in time. Meanwhile, I'm super excited to get back to this community and my passion of writing. Stay tuned, big things are coming! 



  1. So excited that you're back and for this awesome change too! Bring on all of the Charlie pictures though-- she is ADORABLE

  2. I'm super excited to see you back and to see this change in name and branding! It's amazing how much our lives change when we become moms!

  3. Ok I love this title. I'm definitely this! Such a fun word and a great new title to your blog!