A Reintroduction


I figured the most logical way to begin a blog relaunch would be with a reintroduction. So, hi. I'm Morgan! If you've been around for a while then you know that I started blogging about three and a half years ago under the title, Believe in the Sparks. I started blogging right after I got engaged to my now husband because I thought it would be a fun way to document the events leading up to our marriage. Little did I know that I would gain so much more from this space. 
A lot has changed in the past three and a half years. I am now a wife to a wonderful man who works endlessly to provide for our family. We have a beautiful eight month old daughter, Charlie Beth. She is our entire world, and Steven and I can't remember life without her. We have two dogs, Cooper and Kane. They are our first born children and are adjusting quite well to their new role of big brothers. 
Steven and I planted our roots in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. In fact, we just bought our second house together this summer, and we are so excited to watch our family grow in this home. 

Before Charlie Beth was born I was the Marketing Director for an Insurance Agency in Birmingham. I am fortunate enough to continue working from home a few hours a week, but my main role these days is staying at home to care for our sweet baby girl. It's easily my favorite role to date.
So, what can you expect from this space? Well, with a name like "Mamarazzi" you can be sure you'll see a lot of my little lady. My center focus will still be lifestyle, so you can expect a lot of marriage, parenthood, home decorating and improvement, travel, and amateur DIY posts. I may even get crazy and post a recipe or two. The beauty of this blog is that I don't have to nail down one particular topic. I can and will document all areas of my life. So sit back and hang on, things are about to get crazy!
Dying for more baby spam? Make sure you're following me on Instagram & Snapchat (@morganrsparks) to stay up to date on all the latest Charlie Beth photos. After all, I'm don't hold the title "Mamarazzi" for nothing! ;)


  1. Yayy!!! I love following along on your adventures!! And ohhh I just want to squeeze that Charlie Beth! She makes me happy just looking at her!

  2. OK, that's a cute transition! :D

  3. LOVE your new theme, name and introduction. I am so excited to see you on my Bloglovin' feed again :)

  4. Yay! I love the new name, so excited all my favorite bloggers are coming back to blogging!

  5. Love the new look and blog title! Can't wait to keep reading along :)

  6. Very cute and appropriate new blog name! I have been thinking of changing my blog name for a while now but I think I'll wait until after our little girl is born (actually probably after the wedding) and after I've started to adjust to the life of motherhood. Bumpdates (and some wedding planning) has definitely taken over my blog lately. I'm excited to read more about you being a mom and see more pictures of Charlie Beth!


  7. The new look and blog name! Glad you are back :)

  8. Love the new brand, Morgan! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award @ www.visionsofsimplicity.com/sunshine-blogger-award. Check it out!