Secrets of the Mommyhood || A Book Review


When I was pregnant with Charlie Beth I did everything I could to prepare myself for motherhood. I read books, articles, and message boards like it was my second job. I compared methods of sleep training, breastfeeding, and starting solids. Before I knew it I was overwhelmed with information and still just as clueless as I was before I picked up the first book. 

Thankfully, Heather Alexander came to my rescue before any major panic attack ensued. I received an email from Heather last summer right before Steven and I left for our Babymoon about a book review. I was hesitant at first because the thought of one more baby book made me sick to my stomach, but something about this book just seemed different. I could tell from the front cover that this book wasn't going to be like the other boring baby books I had been filling my brain with. I accepted her offer and headed down to the beach with her book, Secrets of the Mommyhood, in tow. 

To say this book was different from the other baby books I read would be an understatement. I finished the book in one day while sitting with my feet in the sand. I couldn't put it down! Heather found a way to hit all the important topics of mommyhood into a fun, lighthearted book. She had me laughing from the very first page! 

I'm so glad I kissed those boring, old school parenting books out the door and replaced them with the only book I ever really needed. Secrets of the Mommyhood covers everything from recovering from birth to finding your sanity during the sleepless nights. Thank you, Heather, for putting a light hearted spin on such a serious subject. 

To all my Mommies to be, do your self a favor and click HERE to order the only parenting book that you need. I promise Heather won't let you down!

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  1. Soooo what you are saying is that I need to check this out!