Charlie Beth || 10 Months


Well I suppose since Charlie Beth turned ELEVEN months old last week, I should probably go ahead and get her ten month update published, don't you think? Whoops..
Ten months already? How is that even possible? Every month flies by a little quicker than the last and before we know it we will be celebrating your first birthday. Cue the tears! Speaking of your birthday, I have nailed down a theme for your party and have already begun the planning. I can't wait! 
You seem to be slowing down a bit on your growing. I think it's probably because you are constantly on the move so you're burning tons of calories. Seriously though, you never ever sit still! You're still in mostly 12-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. Speaking of clothes, I've bought you a TON of new fall outfits to wear (Mama loves a good consignment sale!). Now if only the weather would cool down enough so you can wear them!
You started walking last month as soon as you turned nine months old, and it's safe to say you have officially mastered walking around on those two feet of yours. You're everywhere and into everything these days! You have a way of finding the smallest piece of dirt, paper, whatever is laying on the ground and putting it straight into your mouth. You're keeping us on our toes these days, for sure! 
We can also add TALKING to your list of milestones. You said your very first word this month and it wasn't Mama... Your first word was Dada and your Daddy's face lights up every time you say it. You are turning into such a daddy's girl, and I can't wait to watch the relationship between the two of you grow even closer. 
You still have six teeth, and aren't showing signs of breaking anymore through anytime soon. Those teeth give us the best smiles and give you the opportunity to eat everything in site. You aren't a picky eater at all, in fact there are very few things you don't like. You aren't crazy about fruit, but you will eat any and every vegetable that's been offered. You're a huge fan of beans, peas, and anything with cheese at the moment. 

You are sleeping better, but sleep is always a work in progress with you, little one! You usually wake up 1-2 times a night and take 2 naps a day. You go down for your naps and bedtime in your crib so easy these days. You nurse as I rock you then I place you in your crib when you finish. You roll right over to your belly, stick that booty up in the air, and your out. I love seeing that booty sticking straight up in the air over the monitor! You're definitely a morning person and an early riser. Your wake up call is anywhere from 5:30-6:00am. Don't you think you could stretch that out just a littttttle longer?
Unfortunately this month brought on your very first sickness ever! After a couple of days of cough and congestion I brought you to the doctor where you were diagnosed with your very first ear infection. We started antibiotics right away, but they didn't touch the infection. We went back the next week to learn that you now had a double ear infection and were given a new round of antibiotics. A couple of days later you started developing a terrible rash all over your body. It was then we discovered that not only were you dealing with a case of Roseola, but you are also allergic to sulfa drugs. That was a ROUGH couple of weeks. I wanted nothing more than to take the pain and sickness away from you. I hate seeing you hurt. 
Football season is just gearing up, and we have already managed to confuse the mess out of you when it comes to cheering for teams! Your Daddy insists you wear orange on Gamedays two cheer on the Vols and Mama instead on red for the Tide. You usually end up wearing at least two outfits every Saturday to please us both. I can't wait to see which side you eventually cling to (Roll Tide!). 
Some of your favorite things this month include: taking stroller walks around the block with mommy, walking around everywhere by yourself, pulling all the pots and pans out of the cabinets, taking baths in Mommy and Daddy's big Jacuzzi tub, and playing with the dog's bones. 
I still can't believe just how fast you are growing. I'm going to have a toddler in just a matter of weeks! You are so, so very loved, Charlie Beth. Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to be your parents and watch you grow. 


  1. Love when you write posts!!! Charlie Beth is absolutely beautiful and I can't believe she is about to be 1! Is it totally ridiculous that I've already thought about my daughter's first birthday party and already picked out a theme (ice princess) and she hasn't even been born yet (bring on December!)?!

    Ear infections suck. I had ear infections all of the time when I was little and had to get tubes in my ears 3 times. I'm really hoping Rory doesn't inherit my health problems *Knock on Wood*.

  2. It seems like everyone's first word is dada lately. No love for the woman who carried them around forever and takes care of them, right? I love her face in that TN outfit. She looks completely revolted that she has to wear it. I would be too! Hahah!

  3. She has the most perfect little lips! So sweet!

  4. I haven't seen your blog in a while and I love the new name! Charlie is adorable.