Guess Who's Back...


... Back again!
So remember last summer when I re-branded the blog and announced my comeback to blogging? That  fizzled out fast. Life got busy and blogging fell on the back-burner again. Recently, however, I've been hit with the blogging bug. I've missed coming to this space and writing. I've missed documenting the little parts of our lives and having these posts to look back on. I've missed the blogging community as a whole. I'm actually sad that I ever stopped blogging. I've missed out on documenting so many milestones in our life.

So here I am. I'm still working our some kinks with my design and content, but I'm so happy to be back to writing again. So much has happened in our life since I stopped blogging, and I can't wait to dive back in and tell you all about it.

For now, here is a little snippet of what our life has looked like for the past year.
Sit back and enjoy because I have so much to catch up on!

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