Three Houses in Three Years


The summer before Steven and I got married we purchased our first home. It was an adorable starter house right in the middle of the city. It was everything that two young, newlyweds needed. We were a five minute drive from downtown and had access to all the new bars and restaurants right at our fingertips. We loved it!
The minute we brought our daughter home from the hospital, however, we outgrew our precious little starter home. We were stepping over baby gear in every room, and we knew that we needed more space. In Spring of 2016 we put our first home together on the market and a few months later we moved fifteen minutes up the street to a quiet suburban neighborhood that was perfect for raising a family. We loved our new house! The neighborhood was filled with vibrant young couples and there were never less than a dozen kids playing outside at any given moment. We had found our community and a place that we were so excited about raising a family. In fact, the elementary school was just a block from our house. I envisioned walking Charlie Beth to and from school there one day.

However, plans change.
In January of this year my husband was offered an amazing promotion within the company that he has dedicated himself to for seven years. He works so hard for our family, and all of his work had really paid off. The opportunity was something that we couldn't pass up. The only catch? He would have to transfer to a different location. Thankfully for us, the location was only about an hour and a half south of Birmingham. Both of our families live in Birmingham, and we couldn't imagine moving Charlie Beth away from her Grandparents. We decided to split the difference and move about 45 minutes South of the Birmingham city limits. We were still close to our families and I would still be able to keep my job. Steven's commute would be longer, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.
So six months after moving into a house that we imagined raising our family in, we put a for sale sign in the yard. God had his hands wrapped around us for this one. In only one day we had two offers on our house and had already found another home that we loved about 45 minutes south. We packed up the baby, the dogs, and the house and once again moved our family to a new house.
That leads us here. Our third house in three years. Although I miss our old neighborhood, I truly adore our new house. It has everything that Steven and I both wanted and needed. It has room for Charlie Beth to run and play, and it has room to expand and raise our family. We are exactly where we are supposed to be, and for that we couldn't be happier.


  1. Wow, such a crazy three years, but everything happens for a reason! Glad you were able to sell quickly and find something where you wanted. Hope you enjoy your new house!

  2. I still cant believe you guys moved again! You were so close to me there for a minute!!!! How are you liking your new city???? We saw a house online that is there but we know nothing about the area.

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