Baby Sparks #2 Bumpdate || 6 Weeks


How far along: 6 weeks

Due Date: March 5, 2018

Baby is the size of: A blueberry - about 0.25 inches long

Gender: My first thought when I found out I was pregnant was that it's a boy, but now I have no idea. Besides a little nausea very early on, this pregnancy seems to be very similar to my first. It's still early though so that could change.

Name: No idea. Steven wants to wait until we find out the sex before we play the name game because we can't agree on anything for a boy or a girl. I have my top runners, so we'll see if I can convince Steven to go with any of them

Symptoms: The first trimester exhaustion is in full swing. Last go around I could give into that exhaustion with naps, early bedtimes, and sleeping in. This time, however, I'm at the mercy of a wild toddler. 
Weight Gain: No gain or loss this week which keeps me down 6 lbs so far thanks to a stomach bug and some early onset nausea. 

Movement: I know they say things happen faster with each pregnancy, so I'm hoping maybe I'll feel this little one move quicker than I felt his/her sister move, which wasn't until around 15 weeks.

Cravings/Aversions: Neither for the time being. 

Missing anything: Wine. ;)

Sleep: I'm always tired, but I'm sleeping really well. I'm hitting the pillow not long after I put Charlie Beth down to bed for the night and sleeping soundly until her morning wake up call each morning. I am thinking about unpacking the bumpnest pillow and getting it washed and ready for use soon.

Mood: I won't lie, I've been a bit irritable lately. Some days it feels like PMS on steroids.

Maternity Clothes: Well I couldn't button two different pair of pants this morning, so... I started showing pretty early with Charlie Beth, but I thought I had a few more weeks to go before putting away my skinny jeans for this pregnancy.

Nursery: Nothing to note here. I don't have a clue what direction I want to go for the nursery design yet. 

Best moment this week: Making the "official" announcement on social media and the blog. Did you catch the post?
Looking forward to: The first appointment and ultrasound on Monday!

Husband is: Ready to see our little babe on ultrasound.
6 weeks with Charlie Beth on the left and 6 weeks with baby Sparks #2 on the right.


  1. Eeeee I cant wait to follow along with this pregnancy!!! I cant imagine being pregnant with a toddler. I slept so much after work when pregnant with Zoe and I was still tired all the time. Cant wait to hear what baby number 2 is!!!!

  2. I didn't know you were pregnant again! Congratulations! I remember being so tired the second time around with Porter, and it was definitely harder in that respect. It's still so, so sweet!