Baby Sparks #2 Bumpdate || 11 Weeks


How far along: 11 Weeks, 5 days

Due Date: March 10, 2018

Baby is the size of: a Lime! About 1.61 inches long and weighing in around 0.25 oz. Baby is moving around like crazy now, and his/her feet and hands are no longer webbed.

Gender: I had my first baby dream of this pregnancy and in my dream I gave birth to a baby girl, soooo now I'm not so confident that this baby is a baby boy after all.

Name: Remember last week when we had names picked out and I was so excited about it? Well now I'm second guessing them. Both of them. This child may stay nameless forever.

Symptoms: Still nauseated here and there, but it is getting so much better! I haven't gotten my energy back yet. I'm hoping that will come around in the next week or so.

Weight Gain: Fluctuating right around pre-pregnancy weight.

Movement: I'm ready for it!! Hopefully I'll start feeling that sweet little flutters soon.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really comes to mind except for plain baked chicken. Gross. I couldn't do chicken during my pregnancy with Charlie Beth either.

Missing anything: Sushi and wine both sound delicious right about now.

Sleep: It's not been great and I can't figure out why. I've been waking up several times a night tossing and turning and waking up the next morning with a sore back.

Mood: Emotional. To the extreme.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. That and flowy dresses are about all I'm doing these days. The jeans have officially been moved to the back of the closet for a while.

Nursery: I know which room in the house we are going to turn into the nursery. Does that count for anything? Otherwise, no. Nothing has been done in this area.

Best moment this week: Spending a lazy weekend at home with my two loves. We had absolutely no plans and it was wonderful!

Looking forward to: Seeing our little peanut on ultrasound on Monday.
Husband is: Definitely noticing that bump has popped. He made a comment about me definitely looking pregnant earlier this week. haha :)

Yep. As a matter of face that is the same dress in different colors. Whoops!