Crunch Time


Let me just start by saying that in 18 days I will be trying on wedding dresses for the first time ever.
in other words, it's time to kick my ass in shape.

Last night I went to the gym, participated in a group class called body pump, and went home to eat my rabbit food. This morning I could barely bend over to put my shoes on, but it's a painfully rewarding feeling.
My goal is to be 10 pounds down before my flight leaves for New York. Rach, I'm counting on you as my maid of honor and most blunt and honest friend to keep me motivated. I'd also like to give a shout out to Pinterest for motivating me with pins such as these.

 photo bf772a58b201d82b8d55539c60b7a8e1_zps7228c6d5.jpg photo 40197f1b0c6a21f9ddf57f90c056f764_zps0cf48539.jpg photo 9d49c3b5a347eb134a62ef2c59a3cbb5_zps9f4c1811.jpg photo 4c4ad58e82394c9de2a5cfc83f6a3bde_zps42844637.jpg