That Time He Put My Name In Lights


I thought about using today’s post to talk about how Steven and I met, but I think I would rather tell the fun story of how he proposed.

Every year during Christmas the Alabama Theatre puts on a series called 12 Days of Christmas in which they play a different Christmas movie each night throughout the month of December. My all time favorite Christmas movie is “Elf” which happened to be one of the movies selected to play last year. "Elf" was scheduled for the night of December 20th which also happened to be my parent's wedding anniversary. Steven and I agreed that we would  join in on celebrating my parent's anniversary by seeing “Elf” at the Alabama Theatre on their anniversary.
Nothing seemed unusual when Steven picked me up that night to meet up with my parents and brother to go to the movie. Looking back now, Steven was tense and fidgety all day, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. The movie was completely sold out so the beautiful theatre was full and it was a cold December night and everyone seemed in the holiday spirit.
The movie was as funny as always, but I think I was the only one actually paying attention. When the credits started to roll we began to make our way out of the theater. Steven stopped as soon as we got into the hallway and announced that he needed to use the restroom and that he and I would meet the rest of the family outside. After he bought a few minutes of time by pretending to use the restroom, we started making our way through the crowd to the front door.
When we got outside I noticed a crowd of people, including my Mom, Dad, and brother standing in front of the large, lighted marquee at the front of the theater. As we began making our way towards my family, my mom looked up at the marquee and exclaimed how adorable the sign was. Naturally, I turned around and looked to read what the marquee said. That's when I saw it. "Morgan, will you marry me?" I quickly looked back down at Steven, but at this point he was already on one knee proposing to me. I would be lying if I told you that I remembered what he said to me. I was in complete and total shock! The next thing I know there is a huge crowd standing around us yelling "did she say yes?" I quickly let everyone know that I without a doubt said yes!
The night that Steven put my name in lights was the night that changed my life forever. I am so lucky to be marrying someone who put so much thought and love into giving me the perfect proposal.

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346 days until we say "I do" 

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