Grumpy McGrumperson


I’m a little crabby today. Probably because I stayed out drinking until way past my bedtime last night. What the hell else is new? Or because it feels like today should be Friday, but it’s only Thursday. Or because my mom is at the beach right now and I'm really jealous.

Whatever the reason, I’m over today.

So to cheer my little grumpy butt up I am going to dedicate today’s post to the exciting things coming up on my calendar.

This weekend:
The fiancé and I are road tripping to Atlanta to watch a little Braves baseball and stay in luxury at the Ritz.

Next weekend:
I plan to spend the entire duration of Mother’s day weekend at the lake enjoy sun, boating, day drinking, and of course, my mom.

The weekend after that:
I will be packing my bags and flying out for a long weekend in NYC to go wedding dress shopping with my mom, grandmother, and maid of honor, Rachael. This is for sure the thing on my calendar that I am most looking forward to.

The weekend after that:
I will be celebrating the long Memorial Day weekend from the lake. Three full days of sun, water, and family.

The weekend after that:
Shockingly, this is the first weekend in a month that I actually don’t have anything on my calendar. I assume something will probably come up between now and then, but if not I can almost guarantee I will be day drinking at the lake or visiting the future in-laws in Georgia.

The weekend after that:
I’ll be doing a little engagement party celebrations for one of my best friends and maid of honor. The invitation promised food, drinks, games, and fun, so I’m fully expecting to enjoy myself.

The weekend after that:
Another full weekend without any plans! Again, I’m sure plans will be made before then, but if not my ass better be at the lake soaking up some sun.
Or at home relaxing... Nah, who needs sleep these days?

The weekend after that:
The fiancé and I will be celebrating our one-year anniversary that weekend. We plan to do so by inviting ourselves along on my brother’s 21st birthday trip to New Orleans and then the beach.
An entire week of vacation. I’m in! 

That pretty much sums up the next two months of my life. I’m exhausted just looking at that schedule. 
I better stock up on k-cups and red bull. 
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