My Fur Babies


I'm linking up with Mallory today to talk about my most favorite subject ever, my dogs.
Don't judge me.

Paws To Claws From California To Kansas

If you didn't already know, I'm kind of obsessed with my dogs. Like really obsessed.

Cooper (aka Pooper, Coop Coop, Poops, Pooh Bear) is my first born. I got him 4 years ago from a breeder after my freshman year in college. After months of research on the perfect small dog breed I decided on a shih-tzu. Once that decision was made I began another month of research on the perfect breeder to purchase my little ball of fluff. The day finally came for me to pick up my new little baby, so I exchanged half of my savings account for a 2 pound puppy and his registration papers.
Fast forward 4 years and you can clearly see that I got ripped off from that asshole. Other than the fact that I handed over more money that anyone should hand over for a dog, I've come to grips that my 6 months of research to find the perfect fur baby was pretty much a waste of time. Everything happens for a reason, and in my case I wound up with the most wonderfully perfect skittish little ball of fluff that anyone could ever ask for.

 photo 2912_1143045848942_7124602_n_zps1e600659.jpg photo 4594_1150085624932_8151334_n_zpse692fb1d.jpg photo 2912_1143046168950_3576458_n_zps8d9402b5.jpg photo 300534_1562041203564_1001780285_n_zps8f7c0172.jpg photo 292589_1849961201384_703725237_n_zpse1556b28.jpg photo 582530_1782926045547_105002798_n_zps7fd3cf0f.jpg photo 536506_1842689699601_57316271_n_zps3881a406.jpg photo 205254_1857588472061_3347358_n_zps932779a0.jpg photo 483914_1901328165526_862737569_n_zpsa35b8bba.jpg photo 389183_1842691419644_947962088_n_zps2cda514a.jpg photo 541241_1806378871853_1545219307_n_zps38f3572a.jpg photo 528741_1826396932292_528486957_n_zps2b20f786.jpg photo 549812_2101844058298_1877462060_n_zps907a01c3.jpg photo 5375_1162571817079_4970669_n_zps63001b69.jpg photo 5375_1162571737077_8093009_n_zpsda361e22.jpg photo 4594_1150085864938_6725833_n_zps3e29d87b.jpg photo 4594_1150085304924_5107600_n_zps870f7ee0.jpg photo 299769_1562059524022_1764754412_n_zps902f1233.jpg photo 163798_1330843023754_91219_n_zps5ddd1e8b.jpg

Kane (aka K, KK, KiKi, Shit Head) is my second born child. Unlike Cooper, Kane was a spontaneous decision (and if you know anything about me, you know that I am not a spontaneous person by any means). I had actually been bugging the fiancé for months about getting another dog so Cooper could have a playmate. He told me time and time again that we would get another dog once we buy a house and things settle down. That became the plan. Apparently, plans change. One morning during Saturday brunch (the bloody marys and mimosas may have had a strong influence in this) the fiancé and I decided to go to the humane society (just to look around). Long story short, we came home with Kane; A 7 week old, 6 pound boxer/lab mutt. We have had Kane for a little over 2 months now, and in those two months he has tripled in size and destroyed nearly every toy and shoe left on the floor. He pees all over my house and he treats Cooper’s tail as his own personal chew toy. He is a huge pain in the ass, but he is our little pain in the ass. We love our little monster. 

 photo IMG_4256_zpscee56f69.jpg photo IMG_3878_zpsfd0ebf85.jpg photo IMG_3842_zps6fd2c8e4.jpg photo IMG_4548_zps275ece27.jpg photo IMG_4358_zps6a3230dd.jpg photo IMG_4352_zps08adfb35.jpg photo IMG_4266_zps7766c81a.jpg photo IMG_4100_zps8e542b48.jpg photo IMG_4084_zps3d99f3e4.jpg photo IMG_3901_zpsc2109948.jpg photo IMG_3836_zpsc6bde5f7.jpg photo IMG_3846_zps652a2d5e.jpg photo IMG_3852_zpsedde4795.jpg photo IMG_3986_zps7a1946b6.jpg photo IMG_3904_zpsdf24ddb3.jpg

Now I'm missing my fur babies and want to go home and play with them. 


  1. Hi Morgan! I found you on the link up today - aka the best link up ever because what dog mom doesnt want to brag about their littles? Ha!

    Anyways - I LOVE you pups! My good friend has a pekinese/japanese chin named Mia who looks a lot like your Cooper! He is SO cute!

    And your "spontaneous" puppy story... You just repeated mine! Haha. Our newest pup is a result of my husband giving me the OK to start "looking" and less than 24 hours later we are rescuing a puppy from a shelter.

    You can check out my fur children her:

    Take care! :)

    1. Rescue puppies are the best, but I obviously love my little mutt I bought from a breeder as well! :)

  2. h my goodness! Your puppies are just so stinkin precious! love!
    ps: you and your blog is adorable too! :) Love it!

    1. Thank you! They are definitely spoiled rotten! :)

  3. We have a shih-tzu too! He is a rescue dog (and there might be a little bit of something else in him too). Yours looks like he had some better dental genes than our Sam!

    The Pinot Project

    1. Cooper's teeth have a way of making their way out of his mouth. We call it his "grandpa teeth." :)