When The Boy is Away, The Girls Will Play!


I hope everyone had a wonderfully fabulous weekend. Why must it be Monday already? Monday is without a doubt the worst day of the week. If I could just have one more morning to sleep in I think my work week would be a bit more bearable. 

The fiancé went out of town this weekend, so I began my weekend alone with a Friday night filled with me time. I went all out - flannel pajamas, bottle of wine, takeout, trashy magazines, a chick flick & two cuddly puppies. It was perfect. I ended up falling asleep on the couch before 11:00 & slept for nearly eleven hours. I guess I needed the sleep. 

Feeling extra rested on Saturday, I began my day by sitting on the balcony with mimosa in hand reading wedding magazines and soaking up some sun. Saturday night I took full advantage of Steven being out of town & went out on the town with my girls. 

Sunday morning I was hit with reality & the fact that I am no longer in college & can't stay out all night drinking & partying. Holy hangover. 

Any who, I'm off to begin another week at the office. 

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