Brotherly Love


Today I am off to visit my fratastic little brother at Ole Miss. I still can't fathom the fact that he is a sophomore in college and nearly 21 years old. In my mind, he's still the 4 year old little brat that I used to dress up in tutus and boas.

When I was younger I desperately wanted a little sister, but instead I got stuck with him. Rather than dealing with the fact that I would never have a sister, I insisted on treating my brother as a sister and dressing him up in my most girly dress up clothes (high heels and all).

It's a wonder that he turned out even half way normal.

We've gone from playing dress up together to bar hopping together. Oh how the times have changed. It's a strange day when you're talking to your little brother and the phrase "Will you go buy me another drink?"comes out of your mouth. He shouldn't even be in a bar, much less be buying me drinks in a bar. He should still be sitting at home playing video games and assuming girls have cooties. 

When did you grow up?! 

 photo 543494_1843755766252_299164483_n_zps1d4de60a.jpg photo 536134_1842686099511_2030103032_n_zps0b7b8cb9.jpg photo 529543_2132242098230_855709382_n_zps5bceea40.jpg
 photo 284975_1542346791216_1033897_n_zps9c6379bb.jpg photo 249696_1476363261669_4014131_n_zps3edfef80.jpg photo 157003_1312198997665_2997641_n_zps914c8189.jpg
 photo 7423_1172395942676_2121036_n_zpseec9785a.jpg photo 285_1051500240359_8207_n_zpse6a82007.jpg photo 81_1011688685095_7546_n_zps12706a32.jpg photo 81_1011688485090_4039_n_zps30331d2a.jpg photo 7423_1172393862624_10068_n_zpscadd3879.jpg photo 525956_1951310255047_468906369_n_zps2d047ace.jpg photo 223650_1542346591211_3921818_n_zps688ab349.jpg photo 528294_2123349075910_2098692039_n_zps9d33cda2.jpg photo 164_1026166487031_763_n_zps2fbac712.jpg photo 556441_1883132030634_12337757_n_zps0094e743.jpg

Love you, kid!