A Productive Morning


I'm a little late to the blogging party today, but I promise I have good reason. Sort of. You see, what had happened was I spent my blogging time this morning updating our wedding website, figuring out how to redirect my blog to my new domain, and finishing up our wedding registry (kind of). If that doesn't count as a productive morning, well then I don't know what does.
But seriously, thank you everyone for all your advice and encouragement on helping me transition over to the new domain. It only took six days of frustration, but I'm happy to report that you can now find me at www.believeinthesparks.com. I feel so official!

In other news, no one tells you how hard creating a wedding registry actually is. People only tell you about the fun of scanning everything you see (like redneck red solo glass cups sitting on top of a wine steam. Thank you fiancé for those). Maybe it's the OCD that I carry around inside of me, but this has become by far the most difficult part of wedding planning. I print off my official "registry checklist" form for every store, then diligently going through the list item by item registering. Then I realize that in no shape or form do we need a juicer, food processor, or $500 mixer. Just no. So then I go back through the registry deleting stupid things and changing my mind on the color comforter that I would like for the guest bedroom. #firstworldproblems.

Anyway, I think I've been about as productive as I can be in one day, so I'm just going to sit here until it's socially acceptable to pour a glass of wine.

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  1. I'm the same way! We registered a month ago, and are no where near finished, we keep adding and subtracting. I saw those redneck red solo cups at Bed Bath and Beyond! Too funny!
    & I change our wedding website too often.. it's kind of addicting!
    P.S. Congrats on the blog domain name!

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  2. I hat to say all the dumb stuff your fiancé registers for is the crap you will get. Which is why we have a jerky maker, a waffle iron and a dog bone picture frame and no matching silverware lol

  3. I must say, I love my food processor when I actually remember to use it.

  4. Aww, yay! I'm so glad you got your domain straightened out. I'm so glad that we are eloping and I don't have to register (although part of me is kind of sad that we won't be getting presents that would be fun and useful) because I would have an OCD overload and probably need to be sedated!