Change Is Good


Things look a bit different around these parts today, huh? After several months of the same blog design, I decided to take the plunge and change things up a bit. Thanks to the amazing Lovely Paris Designs, I am now the proud momma to this adorable little blog design! If you are looking for an affordable custom design, I highly suggest checking our her Etsy shop. She was so easy to work with and popped this design out really fast.

Yesterday, after the new design was installed, I was looking around at the new and updated features and thought to myself, change really can be a good thing sometimes.
I've always been one to resist change. Blame it on my type-A personality, but I like a routine in life. I like my coffee made a certain way, I like to leave for work at a certain time in the morning, and I like to take the same route back and forth day in and day out. I'm not spontaneous by any stretch of the imagination, and I really hate last minute decisions.

Lately, however, change has been overtaking my life. Within the past couple of months alone I've gone from a Miss to a Mrs and my last name changed too, I traded in my beloved car of six years for a younger (and much larger) model, and I left my job of almost two years for a new one with much greater opportunities.

Usually that much change in such a short period of time would leave me stressed and overwhelmed, but I don't feel that way at all right now. Actually, I feel pretty damn content with things. Maybe this whole change thing isn't that bad after all. In fact, I'm kind of loving it.

Today I have the fabulous Libby from Health, Love & Fire here to answer a few questions about herself and her adorable blog. I've been reading Libby's blog for several months now and it's always packed full of family stories and her adorable dog (who happens to share the same name as my first born pup!).

When and why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging in June of 2013. I had just gotten a new job and had thought about starting a blog tons of times before and this time it just sort of stuck.

How did you come up with the name of your blog? 
I wanted the name of my blog to be something that represented me. Health – because that’s what I got my degree in, Love – because we all love love, and Fire – because my husband is a firefighter/paramedic.

What can people expect when they visit your blog? 
Most of the time my blog features stories of our life, travels, and projects. There’s usually pictures of my husband and I and almost always some of our black lab Cooper. We are in the process of trying to sell our house and build a new one, so I’m sure more house and diy posts are in my future!

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 
Phototgraphy, wine tasting, crafting, pinteresting, and travels – All the necessities of a great blogger right?!?

What are three things that you couldn’t live without? 
I definitely couldn’t live without my family – which includes my husband, parents, brother, and pets. I’d like to say I could live without my cell phone, but I am attached to that thing more than I should be so I’ll say that too. And lastly, I’m pretty attached to diet pepsi.

Are you a sports fan? What’s your favorite sports team? 
Absolutely! In my husband and my relationship, I am the bigger sports fan. I’m the one who got him hooked on baseball (which I am kicking myself a little for now since he’s currently beating me in my fantasy baseball league) and I’m the one who made him choose a college football team to follow! My favorite sports team would have to be the Atlanta Braves. I’ve followed them since I was in about 4th grade and gotten the opportunity to see them play six different times. A close second would be University of Oregon football. Whatever sport your watching, I’m usually up for joining ya!

What is your cocktail of choice? 
Wine! I live in the middle of wine country in Oregon (come visit and I’ll show you!) It’s hard not to choose wine when there are about 30 wineries closer to my house than the nearest target! (definitely not complaining!)

What do you like to do on your weekends? 
I love to relax, visit new places, take lots of pictures, and enjoy time with my husband, dog, friends and family. I am organized to a fault, and plan my life out too much at times, so if I actually allow myself to have a fairly low-key weekend . . . those are the best, especially if they include a glass of wine! 
Find more of Libby here:


  1. I am OBSESSED with this change. It looks amazing. I've been wanting to change my blog design because mine looks like I did it....oh wait I did but it doesn't look very good. How was the process of working with her? Did you give her all of the ideas you had and you told her exactly what you want and she made it for you? Or did she has ideas and gave you something to work with?

  2. I'm loving the new look! What a great feeling to LOVE the changes when they come...and they're all pretty GREAT changes! I think we despise change when it's negative or causes us to learn something new or do things differently. Regardless, this space looks great! And keep up the positive outlook! It's refreshing :).

  3. cute change. Change is awesome. I just changed things at my place with the help of a good blog friend and I love it.

  4. Loving your new blog look! I have been working on changing mine for weeks. I learned that I am too OCD and stubborn to work for myself.

  5. LOVE the new look my dear, you better be careful, lots of change makes you addicted, but it's never a bad thing:)