04.12.2014 {{Just Like That, Two Families Became One}}


There were a lot of moments that I was looking forward to on my wedding day. Moments that I had dreamed about since I was a little girl. One of those moments was seeing my dad's reaction when he saw me in my wedding dress. I've been a daddy's girl for as long as I can remember. I've dreamed about the day that he would walk me down the aisle and give me away (of course, he always said he would never "give me away"). The moment he opened the door and saw me for the first time in my wedding dress tears started forming, in everyone's eyes. It was a moment that I will never forget.

My mom, my best friend, my second wedding planner. From the day Steven asked me to marry him until the very moment that I said "I do," my mom was beside me checking things off the to-do list. I've always cherished the close relationship that my mom and I have. For years I thought that this was normal. It wasn't until my teenage years that I noticed not everyone has the kind of mother-daughter relationship that we share. We didn't fight or disagree (on much) when I was growing up. She has always been my best friend, and she always will be. 

My sweet, sweet grandmother. Another role model that I have had in my life since day one. I've always had a close relationship and strong bond with my grandmother. I was her first grandchild. Growing up, I remember spending many summers at my Memama and Granddaddy's house. I cherished those trips, and now I cherish those memories. I wish more than anything that my Granddaddy's could have been there to see me in my wedding dress, but I know that he was looking down from heaven and smiling from ear to ear. He would have loved Steven. 
I know I've said it before, but I am so thankful I was able to marry into such a wonderful family. Steven's family has treated me like one of their own since day one. I knew from early on in our relationship that Steven was "The One," and seeing him interact with his family only solidified that thought. I love his parents, his sister, his grandparents, his aunts, uncles, cousins, and more. He comes from a similar family background as I come from. One that is built around strong family values. It's something that had made our relationship with one another even stronger. 
And just like that, two families became one. When Steven and I said "I do" to each other, we also gained another family. I inherited a fabulous set of in-laws, the sister I've always wanted, and another amazing set of grandparents.

Family is so important to Steven and me. It was something that we discovered very early on in our relationship, and something that ultimately brought us closer together. Both of us were fortunate enough to grow up in a household with two loving parents. Both, my parents and Steven's parents, have been married nearly thirty years. We saw the hard work and dedication that our parents put into their marriage. Our parents are our role models and an example of what a marriage should be like. 
Family obviously means a great deal to Steven and me both, so having a family member marry us was incredibly special. Steven's great uncle Larry married Steven's parents nearly thirty years ago. Having a family member marry us, one that also married Steven's parents, was very meaningful. He knew our family values and our morals. We are so thankful he made the trip over to Alabama to conduct our ceremony and finally declare us as husband and wife. 
 Venue || The Oaks Plantation
Flowers || Hot House Studio
Dress || Lazaro 
Photographer || Armosa Studios
Catering || Kathy G. & Company
Cakes || Gia's Cakes

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  1. Such a sweet post <3

  2. I'm a Daddy's girl too, and I'm really glad I did a first look with my dad. It was very emotional and so special for both of us!

  3. Love all the sweet family photos! Your relationship with your mom sounds like my mom and I. I couldn't believe how awful some of my friends were with their parents growing up! My mom and I have been best friends my entire life!

  4. love these pictures! a.) your photographer was GREAT and b.) beautiful family. seriously, everyone! but especially you!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen two more good looking families! Your photographer was amazing!

  6. Awe I love the idea of a "first look" with your dad! So sweet!

  7. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! I'm glad you married into a family that is so welcoming and kind, that's always a great feeling.

    Sunflowers & Love

  8. Such an elegant wedding!!! I love how happy everyone looks - especially the bride and groom, of course!