Guest Post || South In The City


I'm so excited to welcome Jennifer from South in the City to the blog today! 


How did you come up with the name of your blog? 
One of my favorite TV shows is Sex and the City…I seriously think all life lessons can be found somewhere within this series. As a girl from the South (yes those of us from Kentucky consider ourselves Southern), moving to LA aka the Big City, it just kind go hit me, South in the City. A Southern girl living in the city!

What can people expect when they visit your blog?
I write all about my adventures in living in LA-from the adjustment I've encountered to the excitement this city has to offer.  I pretty much write all about my life and whatever I’m experiencing in the moment. I discuss dating, wine drinking, my fur-child, pretty much any and everything! No holds bar when it comes to this girl!
You recently made a big move to California. Tell me a little about this big life transition. 
I got married rather young and then divorced at 29.  I had always had the itch to move away from Louisville, but never had the guts.  I finally decided I needed a change in my life. Luckily I have some family in California, hence my crazy leap of moving across country. It’s been a wild and crazy journey, but I've never once looked back.

I see that you are a big sports fan. Tell me about about your favorite teams.
Seeing as I’m from a college sports town, I am a HUGE Louisville Cardinals fan.  I’m saddened as I write this as Louisville was just knocked out of the NCAA tournament….but I bleed red for life!!  I also am a huge New Orleans Saints fan. No matter the time of year, you can always catch me cheering on my teams!
What three words best describe you?
I have to only pick 3?!
Passionate- I am passionate about most everything in my life, from my career to the love I have for my family and friends.
Strong- I've endured some very rough hardships in my life, from my divorce to the death of my mom at the age of 19.  I have the strength to overcome anything and to keep moving forward.
Courageous- I know this goes hand in hand sometimes with being strong, but it’s take a lot of courage to do the things I've done, from taking that leap and moving to California to even starting this blog and sharing with the world my life.
What is your idea of the perfect weekend?
For me the perfect weekend consist of a mixture of things- With now living in Southern California and having the perfect weather, I very much enjoy being outdoors- whether that’s at the pool, the beach, or going on an amazing hike. Spending time with my fur-child, Cooper and cuddling while watching Netflix is also high on that list. Oh and I can’t forget wine tasting!
What is your favorite quote and why?
“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” For so long I was so scared of flying that I didn't take that leap.  I’m finally in a place in my life that I’m no longer afraid of the leap. I’m actually more afraid of not taking the chance at all.  And there’s no other freer feeling than that… 

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